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Veevaeck Swami

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15+ Years Of Experience As An Astrologer

Astrology can help us make concerted efforts in just the right direction at the right time, thereby avoiding swindling our resources and natural abilities. It can warn us, in case a rather inimical planetary aspect or transit is going to take place and suggests of practical remedial measures, which can help us deal with the ill-effects of a transit.

As An Astrologer, I can

Show the way ahead, guide you in the right direction and help you channelize your energies towards something that's truly made for you.


level of one's education


The carrer path


health issues,, if any


How one's financial status would be


Married life and partner

What People Are Saying

Those who blessed me...

My debts were piling up and I wasn't getting the money I gave as loan. Vivek ji guided me and I acted accordingly and got back my money successfully.
Manohar Reddy
"I was trying hard for getting married but couldn't. Then I met Vivek Sir and followed his guidelines. Within six months I got married.!"
I was in my early forties and bachelor. I gave hope that I will ever get married. Vivek ji prophesied the time of my marriage and it happened.

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Destiny, Karma and Astrology

A person’s luck is determined by his/her karma from previous lives and his behaviour in the present life is also governed by his previous karma.

Vastu Analysis of India

The Vastu Power of a country decides the Fate and Fortunes of that country. Vastu can make a country RICH OR POOR depending on their adherence to the Vastu Shastra.

The Vedas and The Upanishads

Around 2000 B.C., scholars believe, groups of Indo-Europeanspeaking peoples calling themselves arya, or noble, began to enter the Indian subcontinent through the Hindu Kush.

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