Destiny, Karma and Astrology

A person’s luck is determined by his/her karma from previous lives and his behaviour in the present life is also governed by his previous karma. Happiness-sadness, being rich or poor, anger, pride, etc. — all these qualities that we have are determined beforehand only. An ordinary man cannot change his destiny. It is very difficult to know about your destiny. The science of astrology is not only capable of predicting events, it also tells us about our past and future. But for this, we need a skilled astrologer at a high spiritual level.

What is time and how is it created?

Time is a great power which controls the entire universe. Time is ruled over by Mahakaal Shiva. Time moves at a set pace. The motion of different planets at different speeds brings different times in our lives. For example, motion of earth causes day and night, revolution of the moon around earth causes months, and the revolution of earth around the sun causes years. There is a special characteristic of each movement of time. Whenever something happens, it is in complete synchronization with the wavelength of time at that moment. For example, in our lives, marriage or the time to start a business are dictated by the energy prevalent at a particular time.

We, the planets and time

The planets and their position in our birth chart represents our collected karma. Their movement determines the time when the cosmic energy is beneficial to us and when it is harmful.  Time has a fixed character, which enables a skilled astrologer to understand it and analyze events from our past, present and future.

Each planet can exert its force in 4 ways. In its lowest form, it exert negative influences (demonic behavior) on our life. In its low form, the planets makes us unstable and temperamental. In its good state it elevates the good characteristics of our mind like knowledge, intelligence and other good interests. In its high state, the planet gives good effects on our life, and in its highest state they elevate our consciousness to the highest truth. For example, the planet mars represents the energy of red color. In its lowest state it makes the person very rash aggressive, in its low state it causes unnecessary quarrels in the person’s life. The same planet mars, in a high state gives so much energy that it even impossible building and growth opportunities become possible.

With the help of astrology, we can determine the cause of problems in terms of the effects of planets. This negative energy of planets can be converted to positive energy by prayers, donation, mantras, etc. Energy can not created or destroyed, it can be transformed from one form into another. These subtle changes are very helpful in changing the destiny of a person.The planets are not only binding us to our destiny, but they also give us a way to prevent problems in our lives. If the knowledge of astrology is used properly then it helps us to synchronize with the universal consciousness and break away the boundaries of the physical world. This is essential to attain moksha.

Karma and Astrology

The science of astrology tells us what kind of karmas we have. It ties together our past, present and future. Our karmas or actions are of four types:
1. Sanchit
2. Praarabdh
3. Kriyamaan
4. Aagam

Sanchit Karma: These are the collective of all our karmas from previous lives. Whatever actions we have done, knowingly or unknowingly, in our past lives, they all get collected and form this component of our karma. As these collected karmas become ready to bear fruit, we bear their consequences in our future lives. This is similar to all the fruits from a tree not being ready to eat all together, but at different times during the fruit season.

Praarabdh Karma: These are a part of Sanchit karma which is destined to play out in our current life. This is also known as destiny. All the sanchit karmas cannot be borne together, only those karmas which are ready to give results are borne in the current life. This karma is played out in our lives depending on the dasha and antardasha of planets in our birth chart.

Kriyamaan Karma: This is that karma that we do in our present life but it also depends on our actions in the past. This is the power given to us by God to undo our wrongdoings of the past. For example, let us assume that we get very angry in this life. This tendency to get angry is a result of a lot of our actions from our past lives. It is well known that a person can do a lot of very worng acts when angry. If the same person consciously tries to control his anger by means of meditation and other methods, then the person can overcome his anger slowly. This will help in overcoming many future obstacles like stress, problems in relationships, etc.

Aagam Karma: These are the actions that we will do in the future. They can only be done with the help of God like intuition about future happenings and instructions from God to remedy the situation. As our bad karmas keep on getting balances, we get instructions from the divine power on how to lead our lives.

We all create our own future by our thoughts, actions and words. Actions can be of 2 types:good or bad. Bad actions bring disharmony in life. Actions from our past lives affect our mind. Negative thoughts make our mind weak. If we eliminate negative thoughts from our mind, by means of meditation and remedies, then the same mind can use the power of positive thoughts to make us do pure and good actions and enables us to create a new future for ourselves. When we are able to balance our old karma by using prescribed remedies, then the effects of such karmas gets removed from our mind and removes the created hurdles. The future is modified in the same way as our  consciousness or our mind changes. Any problem can be overcome as long as sincere efforts are made in the right direction.

How does destiny change?

Whatever mental, physical or vocal actions we do, they become our sanskaars and become embedded with our karma. For example, when we plant the seed of a mango tree, then we grow mangoes only. We cannot get any other fruit from sowing a mango seed. But for the mango seed to bear fruit, other external circumstances also play an important role like good soil, fertilizer and watering of plant. In this example, the seed is the cause and the other things are the variables. This shows that for any cause to become an effect, we need favorable conditions for the effect to take place. Now let us assume that we planted a good seed in good soil and gave it timely fertilizer and water. Even then we have to wait for the plant to grow into a tree and for the correct season (summer for mangoes) for the tree to bear fruit. Similarly, when we start doing some good deeds, we should be patient for them to take effect in our lives. The same thing applies to wrong actions also. If we do not create conditions for our bad karma to surface by doing good deeds always, we will not have to face the repercussions of our past bad karma. This is the key to changing our destiny.

The magnitude of karmas and time to remedy them :

Karmas can also be classified according to their effects in the following three categories:
1. Dridha
2. Dridha-Adridha
3. Adridha

Dridha karmas cannot be changed easily by any kind of remedy. The effects of such karmas has to be borne by us in most cases. In the birth chart, if there are many causes creating the same situation, then they indicate very difficult dridha karmas. Changing such situations is extremely difficult. The situation becomes even more difficult to change if the same thing is showing up in the lagna chart, the chandra lagna chart and the surya lagna chart. These karmas can be modified only by the grace of God or Guru.

Dridha-Adridha karmas are those which can be remedied but only by very hard work. These take a long time to remedy and need a very strong will power of the person to change them. These require at least 1 year to change.

Adridha karmas are those which can be remedied easily by performing the remedies given by a good astrologer. In most cases, such karmas can be modified and results can be seen in 10 to 120 days.

We should always remember that the more difficult the karma is, the more problems are faced to correct it. The test of time is very difficult and there are many situations created which will hamper the set routine of the prescribed remedies.

Who can change destiny?

Only a very skilled astrologer can predict the future correctly. Only at the highest level of meditation can one time correctly. Most people’s minds are very unstable and hence, we can neither see time correctly nor understand it fully. Only in the state on complete thoughtlessness during meditation, can one try to change destiny and create a new one. In a state of deep meditation, the past, the present and the future, all become one. It is only then we can see the past, present and future correctly. The mathematics and calculations of astrology can be learnt by proper training but the correct knowledge of future is only possible with deep and dedicated meditation.

Rules for changing destiny

It is the movement of planets in our birth charts that influences our lives to a very great extent. However, these planets can also be understood and help in remedying our lives. The planets can be appeased only by humility and love. This means that whenever we do anything to appease a planet, we should leave behind the pride caused by our knowledge and capability and do the rituals with complete devotion, faith and dedication. Only this can help in changing the effects of our prior karmas. Being honest and regular are also important for the success of any astrological remedy. To create a new future, it is very important that we shouldrealize our faults and take measures to remove them from our lives. Whatever we do, we should always be calm, peaceful and restrained. Along with this, we should always analyze our actions and take lessons from them. If we always try to justify our shortcomings then we will never be able to progress nor will we be able to create a better future. It is our bad doings in the past which have created difficult circumstances in our present life and also the tendency to do bad things in the current life. If we do not try to control such tendencies, we will just end up wrecking our future more and more. Hence, the most important thing is to understand and accept our faults.

To modify the effects of any karma, we need to do actions of the same measure, force and character. Only then we can achieve simple changes. This is the principle of karmas.Hence, we should always keep in mind that remedies like mantra jaap, donation, wearing gemstones, anushthaans, etc. are also prescribed according to the extent of the problem. It is foolish to think that big problems can be resolved quickly using only one remedy like onli mantra jaap or small donations. These small actions can reduce the magnitude of the problem slightly but cannot change the circumstances completely.To modify the effects of our karmas from previous lives, we need to do extremely hard work. Many times it can take us our entire lifetime to do this.

Many times it is not possible to clearly see into the distant future using astrology. Even very skilled astrologers are sometimes incapable of predicting the future very accurately but this does not mean that there is something missing in the science of astrology. Mostly the seeker’s bad actions are so many that they cloud the knowledge and divine vision of even the best astrologers. This makes it difficult for the astrologer to understand the planets and make calculations. If the astrologer has attained a high state of meditation, then it is possible to understand the situation to some extent and do remedies. This implies that the seeker should take astrology as a science. For example, there have been a lot of advances in the field of medicine but even then a doctor has to look very carefully at all the test reports and then apply his brain to diagnose a patient. In the same way, even in astrology the cause of a problem can be found out by detailed analysis of the planetary positions and other yogas but even astrology has its limitations. These limitations are: the extent of knowledge of the astrologer, his lack of dedication in his meditation, the lack of faith of the seeker and the degree of the seeker’s bad karmas from the past.

This is why whenever you go to an astrologer, you should always find out about him first. From the seeker’s side, he should not lose his faith in the astrologer and should be patient. Systematically following the primary remedies given by the astrologer, the seeker should negate his bad karma first. As the previous bad karma keeps dissolving, the astrologer can see the future more and more clearly. This is why the seeker should keep on doing the primary remedies first and consult the astrologer from time to time to advance to other divine remedies.