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Hi! I Am Vivek

I have more than 15 years of experience as a Consultant in astrology. I believe Astrology can help us make concerted efforts in just the right direction at the right time, thereby avoiding swindling our resources and natural abilities. It can warn us, in case a rather inimical planetary aspect or transit is going to take place and suggests of practical remedial measures, which can help us deal with the ill-effects of a transit.

it can surely show the way ahead, guide you in the right direction and help you channelize your energies towards something that’s truly made for you. Accumulation of very small anxiety issues, being anxious, lack of self-confidence, failure in relationships, mood swings and panic attacks may result into depression after certain period of time. Mood, emotions, and nature are the main factors affecting this situation. All of these factors are controlled by transition of planets, constellations and other heavenly bodies till certain extent and hence we must draw attention towards it.

Astrology can help us to understand better the events of our past. Besides helping in avoiding strains in marital relationships, business and professional matters, astrology also helps in enjoying good health, prosperity and spiritual advancement. With the help of astrology we can discover what qualities we seek in a partner and how to overcome any disagreement, because we will have a better understanding for different personalities.

Astrology helps us to plan our future. The astrological remedies helps to reduce the impact of malefic planetary influences in a person’s natal chart, further harness the significations ruled by the beneficial planets. it  can re-animate your human experience and help you feel like you’re living in the flow of something greater than what the brain can comprehend.

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I have face to face contact sessions as well as sessions over phone.